Cana Couples

Couple in crisis? Find freedom and healing

Five days to review your story as a couple
You are at a turning point in your life as a couple. You want to review together your history in order to launch a future chosen together. Or perhaps your couple is going through a time of crisis and you want to rediscover your unity and your joy with the help of the Lord and spiritual companions.

CANA Inner Healing for the Couple is a retreat in silence, without children, to:

  • Review your personal and marriage history.
  • Enrich yourself through testimonies and teachings.
  • Pray with the Bible and meditate on your life as a couple.
  • Benefit from a spiritual accompaniment.
  • Welcome the grace of forgiveness, and of healing for you and your couple.
  • Take part in workshops according to your choice (painting, pottery, relaxation…).